How to set up an XML feed to UK Business Property

XML Overview

XML feeds have become a common method for sites to share their articles with other web-sites. This exchange of data works by providing the information in a pre-agreed format.

An issue that has arisen whilst speaking to about estate agencies about how they may go about entering information onto UK Business Property is that they don't wish to be entering the same information twice. If they've established practices for storing property data they wish for this to remain in tact as the only method. This is understandable and thus why XML has been chosen as a method to enable agencies to provide data to UK Business Properties automatically.

XML relies upon have a web-server setup that will provide the relevant property feed. This system will also need access to the database in which all property information is stored in order to provide the feed. The primary step in development is creating a system that can query the database to obtain the latest updates and then format the information according to the provided specification.

The specification provided is styled to model the way in which UK Business Property stores information about properties. All elements of it are optional except for providing properties a unique identification. Therefore in providing the feed it will be necessary to map elements from the database to their XML equivalents.

It may be that the specification does not appropriately represent the data you may wish to provide; in this case it may be necessary to make changes to the schema to support these requirements which is a matter that can be discussed.

There a many ways in which to implement an XML feed and it is not necessary to meet the specification entirely as implementations may differ. Providing that no updates are missed from the feeds then the system should function as expected.

In providing the feeds this leads onto further possibilities such as creation of a customised and hosted web-site detailing your properties.

Ultimately any difficulties or queries in creating your feed can be met and supported by our I.T. staff who will assist in the creation of the feed and deal with any requirements.

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