Search for Commercial Property in the UK

UKBusinessProperty offers the ability for you to select your location within the UK to view commercial property listings. We cover all commercial property types including; offices, shops, industrial units, leisure property and land, both for sale or to let. Simply select the location which we form the focus of your search and we will show you the available commercial properties, or even businesses for sale, within that locality.

Investing in Commercial Property in the UK

Investors searching for income are looking again at UK commercial property as returns from cash and bonds continue to fall.

But opinion is divided over whether now is the right time to get back into bricks and mortar. As a country commercial property in the UK is presently seen to be good value compared to most other markets in Europe.

If you are looking for income as opposed to capital growth, then certain asset classes of commercial property have much to offer. Commercial property bulls say returns on investment in the sector are strong, particularly in the context of the low interest rate environment.

The sector yields about 6%, according to the IPD All Property Quarterly Index. Investors can also buy into real estate investment trusts (REIT) as a means of holding commercial property in their portfolios, or the share of commercial property development companies, which provide a liquid asset whilst still benefiting from the underlying investment.

Industrial property is currently the best performing sector for investment. Offices and retail have not been so resilient to the changing economy. Despite this Central London offices and retail have bucked the trend and this explains why the UK as a whole and Central London in particular have been the number one destination for overseas property investment funds.

Renting Commercial Property in the UK

Rental rates in the south west have held strong despite the recession. In the rest of the country however rental rates have dropped in a reflection of the fall in demand. In most parts of the country minimum rental durations have also reduces in an attempt to draw tenants in to contracts. In these areas it really is a buyers market. You should therefore remember to push for the best terms and look for any possible discounts.