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Advertising Credit

Open your account and get a £50 start up credit.

Earn up to
Per Lead

Generate Income

We will pay you up to £30 for reporting the details of person(s) who have had an offer accepted on property for rent or sale. Find out more...

Agency Directory Listing

UKBP is the only web-site with over 90% of the UK's commercial property agents listed.

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Place a UKBP review badge on your website to help promote the quality of the service your provide.

Summary of benefits...


    Only Pay For Enquiries


    No Listing Fees


    No Set Up Fee


    No Minimum Contract Duration


    List Unlimited Properties


    Simple Reporting interface


    Set Spend Limits


    Property Info via XML Feed


    Telephone Help Desk


    Generate Extra Income
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£5 per Telephone Call*
£2 per Email Enquiry

*You will hear an announcement at the start of each call advising you that this caller has come from UK Business Property.

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