Get paid for notifying us of 'Accepted Offers'

We will pay you every time you tell us about an offer being accepted on a property (rental or purchase)

Earn up to


Per Lead

We will then contact the person(s) who are agreeing to rent or purchase the property
and see if they require assistance in sourcing the following...

Services we offer...


    Commercial Mortgage (if new purchase)


    Commercial Insurance


    Commercial Property Solicitors


    Business Phone and Broadband


    Business Gas and Electricity


Sale Agreed
Property ValueWe Pay
Up to £1.5 million £25 per lead
£1.5million+ £35 per lead
Letting Agreed
Rental ValueWe Pay
Up to £150k per year £20 per lead
£150k+ per year £30 per lead

Details we require...


    Contact details; Name, Mobile, Email Address


    Property Address


    Rental Rate or Purchase Price agreed


To your client

  •  Client enjoys a faster transaction
  •  Reduce chance of deal failing

To the tenant/buyer

  •  Time & Money saved in sourcing suppliers
  •  Receive advice and guidance
  •  Concentrate on running their business

To the agent

  •  Increase chance of completions
  •  Generate new source of income*
  • *An average agent promoting 300 properties selling/renting 30 properties per month would generate £900 per month in commission!